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Know Us – Researcher India

Know Us

What is Researcher India?

We are an organisation who commit to provide smooth transition from one phase of life to another Phases in life.We all have to go through these Phases in life, Either it can be
Career Stream selection – 10th Class
Career selection – 12th class
Ready for Employment – After Graduation/Higher Studies
Relationship Compatibility – Before/After Marriage
Financial Stability – Profession/Business
These are the checkpoints in all of our lives, if transition done smoothly everything goes well but if not confusion, unemployment, career dissatisfaction, relationship problems, mismanage financials or chaos can arise. So we have tried and tried very hard to solve these shortcomings we are facing as a society. After trying those solutions by ourselves which are there in our society for more than 2 decades, which also claims to solve our basic problems of our studies, career and employment has shocking results if there are any. What we think is they breed these problems of our education system so that they remain always in business of solving confusion through spreading confusion all around. These problems are persistent in our system and methodologies used to eradicate these problems failed
miserably. And it is the time to move on Now.
We believe that every problem can be solved at once if you are able to reach the source from where the problem has generated and then try to correct things systematically. At Researcher India, we pledges to ourselves daily to make education better for younger generations. As our name suggests,
We Research for India
We Research in India
We Research to Innovate.
We have created something that has the potential to solve these above stated problems and we are acknowledged by many Teachers, Parents, Students and various Psychologists. We worked day in & out at the heart of problem and continuously observed changes that were occurring during the process. The problem lies in the most inner layers and no matter how much we do outside, it will still going to bounce back and hit it again in new form with same force. It is like solving one problem to create another problem. This is what we observed happening around us.
We cannot solve a problem by the same mindset by which we have created it…..Albert Einstein
So we have changed our approach and the came out with the solution which experts in this field calling it as “The greatest Innovation of our time which can change the course of Education Forever.”The Solution Is Genetic Test.