Science Behind

1.Brain Studies:

There are three Teachers for mind: Thinking, Feeling and Acting.

Thinking mind

Our thinking mind is home to our intelligence, learning style, skills and reason. Here we process thoughts; here we find our IQ, Aptitude, Education, Training, and Job Experience. We use our thinking mind to edit and direct our efforts based on experiences and knowledge. If we don’t use our thinking mind we would act illogically, deplete our energy, reduce results and leave our emotions unchecked. When we measure a person’s thinking mind, we use IQ tests, skill assessments, check educational backgrounds, etc. Obviously, employees need to have the thinking skills, educational level, and intelligence to do the job. Again, the thinking mind is just one third of the total.

 Feeling mind

This part of your mind controls emotions, personality, and motivations. It is home to our desires, values, beliefs and attitudes. In private practice using NLP and hypnotherapy tools, we clear out feeling blocks that are limiting person’s performance in life, relationships, career, etc. If we did not use our feeling mind, we would have no passion or conviction. Mr. Spock, of Star Trek, would be an example of someone with no functioning of feeling mind; it is, after all “illogical.”Many assessment tools on the market measure the feeling mind. While this is an important part of assessing potential employee, feeling assessments tend to be contextual in nature and does not have long-term validity. As accurate as many are, they are only measuring one third of a person’s mind. The feeling mind (mood, attitude) can change very quickly.

 Acting mind

 It tells how one acts on his thoughts and feelings.


Succession is the key factor in achieving desired results in our life. Either knowingly or unknowingly we follow the course of succession. Succession is the rate of continuity by which we move towards our goals. Or it is the speed by which you start your journey towards your destination. Everyone has certain value of Succession and we use it in our daily lives. During our research of genetics we found that Succession is the KEY. Let say , you have a natural talent of being a Businessman, until you don’t set the speed towards building a business, don’t create that environment where your natural gifts can be utilize, then what is the point of knowing your Genetics at very first place. For an Aircraft to take off it has to pick up some speed. At Researcher India we identify the value of Succession everyone has and we are able to determine the Succession required for different Professions, Goals, Careers, etc.  in order to achieve success. As in Succession itself, keyword is Success.

 Note: We don’t measure Aptitude, IQ, and Intelligence, as these qualities can change by working and practicing. We work on Genetics as they remain unchanged throughout our life.