Why we are different

Why we are different-1

Plasticity’ is the neuroscience term for the brain’s ability to change. At one time, it was believed, and widely taught, that the adult brain could not change once a certain level of development had occurred. This ‘cradle to the grave’ approach taken by many traditional psychometric tests is now impossible to sustain in the light of neuroscience discoveries. Your brain is physically different today from how it was yesterday. That difference results from the effect of yesterday’s and today’s experiences, as well as the thoughts and feelings that you have entertained during the past 24 hours. Our ability changes as per our new experiences, learning and our adaptability.

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Adapting behaviour: Research has shown that people function best when they are able to make the most of their natural preferences and abilities. Adapting behaviour is the extent to which the person feels it necessary to modify their natural behavioural preferences on occasions when dealing with day-to-day life e.g. when they are at work.

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Most of tests are based on Aptitude; it is defined as Inherent Ability. Who knows what are our inherent abilities are? So we are working with very logical and scientific approach in determining what our skills sets are? Then defining a proper Roadmap to enhance and implement those skills on educational & professional front.

Conclusion:  Our Research finally has a conclusion, “Genetic Test”.