Why we are different

Why we are different

Biggest challenge of life is: “it is difficult to remain yourself when whole world is trying to make you like everyone else”

Yes it is true everyone is telling you to be this ..to be that but fact is you can achieve anything by being yourself completely. Whenever we find our-self in difficult situation we seek opinions, suggestion of other and sometimes surrender ourselves to others person’s advice, even start following their footsteps. But our First argument here is that whatever every person has achieved in his/her life is due to decisions he/she took, it may not be case with every other person who follows the trail of that person’s decisions.

Why we are Different 1 – Adaptive Behavior
We learn daily. Even after taking decisions we need to learn, correct our mistakes, learn again and move forward. We are continuously absorbing new information about the environment we are in, it all boils down to absorbing and understanding of that information then act accordingly.
ShortKey: Learn from other people mistakes because you don’t have time to make them all by yourself.

Second Argument: We all can change our situation by trying and learning. What needed is: Identification of problem from the core and work towards correcting it. Then we can turn any situation into a winning situation.
Why we are different 2 – Plasticity
It is the neuroscience term for the brain’s ability to change. Our brain is physically and psychologically different from today then how it was yesterday. The difference in result is because of the experience we had yesterday brings new thoughts and feelings which is creating difference in our learning’s of yesterday’s and today’s.

Third Argument: We are different…but How??? By personality….By intelligence….By likes or dislikes….By professions… we all are different, we all can agree on this but question arises how? And if we are different what is our USP and lets put it to use and startĀ benefitingĀ from it.
Why we are Different 3 – Know yourself
Knowing takes work. It is a process that demands time and patience. Only Knowledge gives us power. Being in knowledge of ourselves puts us in control otherwise others have control over us. Being in control has benefits: Producing Results at ease, Repetitive Results, Achievement list.

We as a company adopt these methods at heart and in our values.